Waraqa Bin Nawfal: The First to Confirm the Prophethood

He was amongst those who stayed on the religion on Ibrahim

Waraqa begins the Seerah tun Nabi

Waraqa and Zaid go to Sham to study Christianity 

Zaid dies and Waraqa is left in Makkah 

Waraqa is the first cousin of Khadija but more than an Uncle

Waraqa bin Nawfal bin Asad

Nawfal and Khuwaylid are Brothers 

Nawfal is the oldest son of Asad

Khuwaild is the youngest son of Asad

Waraqa is 15 years older than Khadija

from amongst the most noble of families in Makkah

Waraqa is the noble of the noble

His family is from direct decendants 

His character is very high 

Waraqa was expected to marry Khadija

Waraqa rejected this world and became a priest or monk 

He was an ascetic 

He did not go to the marketplace and he ate once a day

Waraqa did not care for wealth 

Waraqa did not worship idols 

He is the dream interpreter of the Arabs 

Waraqa was very knowledgeable and noble 

Khadija had a dream that the sun decendended in her home 

Waraqa says you will marry a noble man or a Prophet 

Prophet goes to Sham twice 

Once as a young man with Abu Talib and second time as a broker for Khadija

Waraqa performed the marriage of the Prophet and Khadija 

Ayesha says Waraqa became Christian in days of ignorance 

Waraqa would write from gospels in Hebrew in the land of Shaam 

Waraqa became an old man and lost his sight 

When Prophet went to Waraqa he was already blind 

Khadija takes the Prophet to Waraqa 

Khadija said to Waraqa O son of my uncle listen to the son of your brother

Waraqa says to the Prophet O son of my brother what do you see 

the prophet tells him everything that he saw 

Waraqa said this is the same angel that Allah sent to Musa

Prophet and Musa have similarity 

Waraqa called Jibril the bearer of secrets

Waraqa said you are the Prophet of this people

Waraqa immediately says I wish I was young 

He said I wish I were alive when the people will run you out 

Prophet said how will they run me out

Waraqa said yes no man has ever come with what you came except their people considered him an enemy 

Prophet has never had a compliment against him 

Prophet is a man who stood for justice 

Khadija says Allah will never disgrace you

Waraqa says the people will disgrace you

Waraqa knows how it went down for all the Prophets 

The Message that the Prophet brings will threaten the people

Waraqa says to him if I life to see that day I will support you with everything I have

Waraqa died a few days after that 

Waraqa was sincere when he said it to the Prophet 

Waraqa knows the signs of Prophethood and the virtue of being a companion

Waraqa asked Allah for the strength to bear it to get the full reward 

Allah chose Waraqa to live and see the Prophet attain Prophethood

Waraqa is the first man to believe in the Prophet and he was a sahabi

Waraqa caught the Prophethood but not the message of Islam

Waraqa died as someone who confirmed truth of Prophethood 

Waraqa is in the middle of Jannah wearing silk cloth at peace 

Prophet said do not say anything bad about Waraqa

Waraqa and Zaid has 2 Jannahs 

Waraqa believed twice and when no one else believed 

The last mention of Isa in Quran is in Surah Saff

In Surah Saff Isa mentions the coming of Prophet 

the last follower of Isa was the first to confirm Prophethood