What does Allah see in you?

Comparison between 3 words

  • Sunbula - An Ear of Grain
  • Sunbulatin - Ears of corn – weak plural
  • Sanabil - Ears of corn – strong plural

Surah Al Baqarah

  • One donation gets multiplied by 700
  • Sanabil is used
  • The strong plural is used
  • We spend little and Allah multiplies it

Surah Al Yusuf

  • 7 ears of grain
  • the word sunbulatin is used
  • weak plural
  • there is not enough food
  • language indicates such as well

Allah chooses the right word in the right place

Every word is exactly where it is supposed to be


  • one blessing
  • if we try to count one blessing of Allah we cannot do so


  • many blessings
  • weak plural
  • Allah says Ibrahim was grateful for a few blessings
  • Even if we thank Allah for every second of our lives
  • It is still just a few blessings


  • many many blessings
  • strong plural
  • Allah says that He unleashed unto to us His blessings
  • The blessings we see and the blessings we do not see


  • To rush
  • Rush to forgiveness Allah says in the Quran
  • Rush to Jannah


  • To race
  • Race to Jannah
  • The size of Jannah is the skies and the earth

Invitation to Jannah

  • Inclusive
    • It is a huge favor from Allah
    • It is easy for everyone
    • The gates are wide open
  • Exclusive
    • It is more difficult
    • The gates are restricted


  • To make a good choice
  • To make a choice based on the good in something


  • A choice based on pure choice
  • Your own choice
  • It is personally your choice
  • This is how Allah picks angels and Prophets


  • A choice based on qualifications
  • This is how Allah chooses us to be Muslim
  • We are Muslims because Allah sees something in us
  • Allah has selected us to be Muslims based on our qualifications
  • Allah sees something in us that we may not see in ourselves

We do not praise or thank Allah as He deserves it

Allah says struggle and do my work as I deserve it

This makes us unqualified

Then Allah says based on your qualifications I have selected you

Then Allah says relax I will make it easy

Than Allah said just as I made it easy for Ibrahim

If Allah made Ibrahim’s test easy

Our tests are much smaller and easier

People can contribute in different ways


  • Heart that is calm
  • To change
  • Change in emotions


  • Heart that is raging with emotions
  • It comes from roasting
  • Like roasting meat
  • Extremely angry, scared, or courageous
  • Extreme kinds of emotion

No doubt about it the hearing, the seeing, and the Fuad you will be asked about

  • In Islam there is no excuse
  • We are held fully responsible despite our raging emotions
  • Even if we are extremely angry, excited, or happy