Why study the Abdaillah and Who are they?

How these great men influenced history

The Lessons we can derive from them

The Five Abdullahs

  1. Abdullah bin Abbas
  2. Abdullah bin Umar
  3. Abdullah ibn As
  4. Abdullah bin Zubayr
  5. Abdullah bin Masud

There are a lot more men named Abdullah then these five

It is most common name

Name most beloved to Allah

The best Abdullah is Abu Bakr As Siddiq

These five were born in lifetime on the Prophet

They lived long after Prophet

They narrated many Hadith

They went through a lot of Trials and Tribulations

They played a crucial role in the trials

They influenced schools of fiqh and hadith narrations

They influenced tafseer study

Abdullah bin Abbas

  • has the most extensive biography
  • He had the most special role

The muftis among the companion were 30

The 7 most fatwas were from

  • Umar bin Khattab
  • Ali bin Abi Talib
  • Abdullah bin Masud
  • Ayesha bint Abu Bakr
  • Zaid bin Thabbit
  • Abdullah bin Umar
  • Abdullah bin Abbas

The above 7 are volumes of books of fiqh

The next group gave fatwa moderately

  • Abu Bakr As Siddiq
  • Um Salamah
  • Anas bin Malik
  • Abu Saeed Al khudri
  • Abu Huriara
  • Uthman bin Affan
  • Abdullah bin Amr al As
  • Abdullah bin Zubayr
  • Abu Musa Al Ash ari
  • Saad bin Waqas
  • Salman Al Farsi
  • Jabar bin Abdullah
  • Mouadh bin Jabal