Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufail

A companion of Waraqa 

He belonged to the group of people who were monotheist

Uthman ibn Huwaris who became Christian from Rome 

Obaidullah ibn Jahsh who becomes Christian and he accepts Islam then he became Christian again and died Christian 

Zaid ibn Amr and Waraqa bin Nufail 

Waraqa was a historian priest like Salman Al Farsi

Zaid ibn Amr is neither Christian or Jew 

Zaid ibn Amr remains on religion of Ibrahim 

He is from the Adee Clan 

The first cousin of Umar bin Khattab 

Khattab is the paternal uncle of Zaid

Zaid had two children one son and one daughter 

Prophet saw Zaid growing up and was fascinated by him 

Prophet and Abu Bakr did not worship idols but did not openly condemn it

Zaid said idol worship is a rejection of the way of Ibrahim 

Prophet met Zaid bin Amr and Prophet served food in gathering 

Zaid likes Prophet as a noble man 

Zaid said do not eat from this or serve it 

From then Prophet did not eat from meat of Quresh or served it 

Zaid would raise his hands to the Kaaba and said I am on the deen of Ibrahim

At the time of Hajj Zaid puts his hands on the Kaaba with his back on it

O assembly of Quresh no one is on religion of Ibrahim except me 

People ignored him and mocked him 

Asma bint Abu Bakr said Zaid would make sujood towards the Kaaba 

Zaid would start to cry and say O Allah if only I knew which of the ways is pleasing to you but I dont know so I will make sujood and hope I am right

Quresh took rituals of Ibrahim and turned it into pagan rituals 

Khattab wanted to kill Zaid

Prophet said why is it that your people hate you so much 

Zaid said because I left their religion for the religion of Ibrahim 

Zaid has a love for Ibrahim and he wants to preserve his way 

Zaid would stop the men from burying their daughters alive 

Zaid was so close to accepting Islam with Prophet but he was killed 

Zaid died at 85 years old 

Zaid made a dua O Allah if you have forbidden me from the companionship of your Prophet than don't let my son be prevented 

Ateeqa bin Zaid became the wife of 5 martyrs 

Ateeqa married Zaid bin Khattab 

Umar, Abdullah bin Abu Bakr, Hassan bin Ali 

Saeed bin Zaid married Fatima bint Khattab 

Saeed and Umar went to Prophet to asked about Zaid bin Amr

Saeed said O Prophet you know who my father was 

Saeed said can we seek forgiveness for him

Prophet said seek forgiveness for him 

Zaid bin Amr was an Ummah by himself on judgement day entering Jannah