Zainab Bint Jahsh

She was 17 years before revelation in the year 593

She is the Prophets first cousin through her mother

Her mother is the direct relative of Prophet daughter of Abdul Mutalib 

Zainab's brother is Abdullah bin Jahsh famous companion

Prophet wanted to break the racism and tribalisms 

Prophet has seen her numerous times before hijab 

Zainab kept herself single until the age of 35 years old 

She was expecting the Prophet will ask to marry her

Prophet wanted to marry Zainab to Zaid bin Harith 

Zaid bin Harith is a freed slave so he wanted to rid of tribalism 

Zaid was married to Umm Aymen and had a child 

Zaid said about marriage by asking Umm Aymen

Umm Aymen said if Prophet said it is best for you 

Zainab turned down a lot of proposals 

Zainab's sister got angry that Zainab will marry Zaid

Zainab said about marriage I will not marry Zaid 

Prophet said you should marry him

Zainab said if you are happy than I am happy to

She will not disobey Messenger of Allah

Zaid marries Zainab but their differences are huge

They did not get along

Both are great people but they were not compatible  

Zaid lived a simple lifestyle

Zainab lived an elegant lifestyle 

Prophet came to the house and saw their was an argument 

Zaid left the house and he saw Zainab was crying

Prophet said how Allah directs the hearts 

Zainab is a beautiful women and Zaid did not like her

Umm Aymen is old women and he fell in love with her 

Zaid told Prophet I want to divorce 

Prophet told Zaid to be patience until revelation came down

Zaid divorced Zainab without Prophet's permission 

Allah revealed to the Prophet that Zainab will be your wife 

Prophet hid this revelation because he did not know what to do 

Zaid was his adopted son

Allah abolished to take away the identity of the child 

The adopted child is not the same as your own child They are non mahram

Allah encourages taking care of the orphan 

Zaid bin Muhammad became Zaid bin Harith 

Ayesha said if there was anything in Quran he wanted to conceal it would be this ayah

Zaid was happy with what happened 

Ayesha said that Zainab was very happy 

Zainab said Allah married her to Prophet in Quran 

Prophet married Zainab 5 years after Hijra 

Bara means free from sins and a lot of women were named that 

Zainab's name was bara and Prophet changed it to Zainab 

when the Prophet married Zainab they established the Hujarat

the wedding was celebrated at the hujarat 

When it happened a group of men stayed sitting with Zainab

Prophet went to visit Ayesha and came back and still saw them there

Then he ordered a curtain to be set up for Zainab 

Allah ordered it for all Mothers of Believers 

Ayat of Hijab came after end of 5th year 

Zainab rejected slander of Ayesha

Zainab had argument with Ayesha

Ayesha and Zainab had rivalry and jealousy

Ayesha praised Zainab's taqwa

Prophet woke up with redness in his eyes 

That day the barrier of Yajuj Majuj opened little more 

Zainab prayed qiyam and tahhajud all the time

She had a rope in the masjid and she would hang on when she got tired

Prophet ordered it to be taken down 

Zainab was a hafiz and recited whole Quran at night

She was known for her charity and was the most charitable 

Umar kept sending her gifts but she kept sending it away

Wives of the Prophet said who will join Prophet first after death

He said the one with longest hands 

They found it to be Sawda and Prophet laughed and said no

Then they thought Zainab because she was generous 

Zainab died first after passing away 2of Prophet 20 years after Hijra at age 53

Umar led the janaza and cried for her

Virtues of Zainab were narrated by Ayesha 

Zainab reported only 11 Ahadith