Zainab Bint Khuzaimah

Prophet had two wives named Zainab 

This Zainab married Prophet right after Hafsa

The Name Zainab means a beautiful flower 

The precious daughter and jewel of her father 

She is from a Najdi tribe 

She was married to the cousin of the Prophet 

First Husband was Zaid 

Second Husband was Abdullah bin Jahsh 

Her name was mother of the poor 

She did not have any children

Her mother was Hind Bint Oath 

Hind Bint Oath married many men which she had lost

Maymunah Bint Harith is sister of Zainab Bint Khuzaimah 

Salamah Bint Rumais is sister of Zainab and wife of Hamza 

Hamza had a daughter named Humara

Asma bint Humais married Jafar bin Abu Talib 

After Jafar Asma Bint Humais married Abu Bakr 

Zainab had brother named Oan

Umm Fadal is mother of Ibn Abbas 

Brother of Khalid bin Waleed 

She died in Ramadan 4th year hijra

She died 3 or 4 months after marrying Prophet

Prophet married her to make peace with tribe